The Patreon Token team is very welcome to contact all conservation and animal welfare organizations. If an organization wants to accept our support, all it has to do is signal it to our team through one of our contact details.

We will try to respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

Conditions of support:

  • A real existing organization that deals with either nature or animal protection
  • Active Operation
  • Honesty
  • Good reputation
  • Website
  • Presence on social media
  • Cryptocurrency wallet that accepts Patreon Token (Metamask, TrustWallet)

In which we can support eligible organizations:

  • We give every organization a gift of 8,000 Patreon Tokens that you can sell to earn revenue.
  • Appearance on social media
  • We list eligible organisations on our website.

IMPORTANT: The 8000 Patreon Token can only be requested once.

Our team welcomes applications from all organizations that meet the requirements.